Family friendly wellness

Family friendly wellness

Family-friendly wellness

Planning a family-friendly wellness holiday is not an easy task, especially if you have to count on more than one kid. Although it is somewhat easier for us if the kids are bigger, so maybe there is no reason to think about choosing a hotel, taking into account the program options around it. 


If we go a little, we need to be careful. We have to take into account countless aspects based on your age and needs, and we can never be sure that we are thinking of everything. 


Family-friendly for small and large families

For a family vacation, Balaton is the perfect choice for small and bigger ones. We can choose from the magic of the natural treasures and the unmissable program possibilities from morning till night. 


The family-friendly wellness services of the Residence Hotel Balaton, its outdoor and indoor swimming pools, its green garden, the ideal rooms for those arriving with one or more children, the taverns and the gourmet snacks in the restaurant guarantee a carefree family vacation, to name just a few of the many. Experience the unique experience of a holiday on Lake Balaton, book your room in our hotel by clicking the button below! 


What is your favorite hotel and accommodation?

 As one of the parents, one of our most difficult tasks is to keep up with the constantly changing needs and ideas of our children. We all know the desperate feeling when the child's ear-to-ear smile is replaced by a downward curling mouth and crocodile tears. 


Family-friendly wellness, where childhood is everyday 

In our family-friendly wellness hotel, special attention is paid to replacing the crocodile tears of the kidss with the hotel's joy and laughter so that family vacation can be an exciting adventure for them as well. Of course, we also keep in mind that busy parents just need relaxation as their ever-moving children to derive their energies. 


Our family-friendly wellness section, our services, our rooms and our community spaces all satisfy the needs of parents and their children. It is also important that moms and dads do not only enjoy the pleasures of family life, but also the romance of even relaxation in our wellness hotel, as sometimes there is not enough time for a busy weekday. In our family-friendly wellness hotel we tried to provide full support for a perfect family holiday along this principle. 


Family-friendly wellness in Siófok

In our family-friendly wellness hotel in Siófok your kids will not be bored even for a minute. There are a lot of games, lots of excitement waiting for the little ones and the big ones to help you get unforgettable memories during your family vacation. 


Our family-friendly wellness hotel has comfortable, modern and cozy rooms, for the arrival with one or more children. We can provide children's and adults' own empires with interconnecting and separable spaces. 


Family-friendly wellness services

Our family-friendly wellness services, besides the rooms of our family-friendly wellness hotel, our wellness area also offers exciting opportunities for the whole family. While adults can indulge in the thrilling experiences of a jacuzzi, they can experience the wellness features of our pool experience, and choose from our treatments of harmony between the body and the soul, while the children are waiting for the water paradise of miracles. In our family wellness oasis, special attention was paid to the little ones as they are waiting for the children's pool that is 60 cm deep. 


Family-friendly wellness with many possibilities 

The family-friendly wellness hotel's playroom aims to satisfy the needs of the babysitters, where the kids can climb, slide and ball. In addition to the colorful and inviting views of the playroom, skilled animators will take care of children's experiences during peak periods and summer. 


One of our outdoor facilities is the 600 m2 grassy, ​​closed beach area of ​​our family-friendly wellness hotel, where our family-friendly wellness services are realized by Lake Balaton. While Mom and Dad can enjoy the rays of the Summer Sun on our own deck, the little ones will be waiting for a playground if they can enjoy the beach at Lake Balaton.



The Residence Hotel Balaton Siofok is in a calm, suburban part, with available exclusivity welcomes guests every day of the year. Spas and relaxing saunas are available for romantic vacations, animation for families with children, with child friendly services and child-friendly wellness.


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