Wellness hotel at the Balaton

Wellness hotel at the Balaton

Wellness hotel in Lake Balaton, pampering all year round


For a holiday at Lake Balaton it is very important to choose a hotel as it has to satisfy many aspects. It depends on the type of holiday we are planning on, as there are other needs to meet a common family vacation with children and again we have other needs and expectations of staying in a vacation when we are planning a vacation for two. 


The Residence Hotel Balaton in Siofok is a wellness hotel in Lake Balaton, where you can find everything you would expect from a perfect accommodation. It is located in a quiet green area of ​​Siofok, only a few hundred meters from the shore of Lake Balaton, in a quiet environment, yet close to the center of Siófok. Perfect for a holiday at Lake Balaton, one of the most beautiful and quietest parts of the capital of the Southern Coast. A great choice for a wellness weekend in Balaton or even for a week-long vacation for children and adults alike. If you can spend some nice days with us, you have nothing else to do with clicking the button below to book a room in our hotel! 


Enjoy the benefits of wellness at Lake Balaton


Nowadays, many people choose to vacation in the water park as a wellness hotel, as there are plenty of extra options to find in a simple hotel. First of all, of course, is the wellness section itself, which is available to guests all day regardless of the weather. 


In the wellness oasis of our 700 m2 area, our guests can enjoy the swimming pool, adventure pool, jacuzzi, sauna, salt cabin and other wellness services. But not only adults find relaxation in our wellness area. We have tried to please the little ones so that they can feel at ease as well, as there is a fantastic children's pool waiting for them with an exciting clownish gargoyle that only enhances the wet fun. Additionally, they can enjoy this regardless of the weather and it's the best in it. There is no need to worry that rain may be raining through family holidays, as there is no weather in a wellness hotel in Balaton. You can enjoy bathing at any time. 


Family-friendly wellness hotel in Balaton at Lake Balaton

Wellness hotel BalatonFamily vacation in most families can be preceded by a serious organization, since it is important to consider which accommodation can provide us with what a family of children really needs, and this is often not found in any place. Residence Hotel Balaton is a family-friendly wellness hotel in Lake Balaton, where we have several services tailored specifically to the needs of families. 


In addition to our children's wellness area, we strive to achieve a lot of other services so that the little ones can not be bored for a minute. Adventures, excitement and creative games also await the kids in our playhouse, and our animators are ready to play fun with the little ones and entertain them with exciting games on 6 days of the week. Our babies can also take advantage of child-friendly amenities, such as baby cot, baby crib, baby guard and kettle as needed to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation without having to travel with great accessories. 


Choose the wellness hotel in Balaton for a relaxing holiday 


Our hotel seeks to satisfy the needs of our guests in all respects and to provide them with uninterrupted relaxation and relaxation during our time. The quiet environment and the comfort of our rooms all contribute to your complete relaxation. 


Beside our family-friendly services we also offer a marvelous relaxation at our 600 m2 grassy private beach, just 100 meters from the hotel building. As a guest of our wellness hotel in Lake Balaton, you can enjoy the bathing and sunbathing on the beach at the beach, where you will not have to be crowded. In the meantime, for children, the private beach is thrilling with excitement, there is a playground with slides and sandboxes, and of course the private beach of Residence Beach, from where they can safely go to the water, while the parents can safely keep the little ones alive. 


We warmly welcome you and your family at our wellness hotel at the Resdence Hotel in Balaton. Enjoy a relaxing and relaxing holiday at our place where we are all in for you to be recharged home from the rest of us!



The Residence Hotel Balaton Siofok is in a calm, suburban part, with available exclusivity welcomes guests every day of the year. Spas and relaxing saunas are available for romantic vacations, animation for families with children, with child friendly services and child-friendly wellness.


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